Welcome Porsche Enthusiasts

Join us in welcoming our new members to FLK Region for this year 2022.

We all look forward to meeting you at future events.

  • Kris Brundage
    2001 911 Carrera 4
  • Matthew Fischer
    2005 911 Carrera
  • John Lockhart
    2007 Boxster
  • Theodore Holmgren 2003 911 Carrera Cab
  • Thomas Roth
    2017 911 S Cab
  • Brendan Larrabee
    2018 Macan GTS
  • Vincent Fryer
    2018 911 GT3
  • Kristian Hochberg 2020 911 Carrera 4S
  • Joe Tierno
    1976 912E
  • Joseph Lagasse
    2016 Boxster Spyder
  • John Kaemmerien
    2008 Cayman
  • Gregg Griebel
    2022 911 Carrera
  • Michael Huntly
    2000 Boxster S
  • Joseph Barone
    2006 Cayman S
  • Ronald Halpenny
    1998 Boxster
  • Hadi Sattari
    2007 911 Turbo
  • Patrick Turbett
    2019 Macan S.
  • Paul Schroeder
    2014 Boxster S

Mike Hortiatis Farewell Dinner Event Nov. 10, 2022

The Board of Directors held a Farewell Dinner for Mike and Michele Hortiatis. They have been members of the FLK Region since June 2010 with Mike volunteering his services as Membership Chair for over 11 years. Mike and Michele finally made the decision to sell there home in Pittsford NY and move to his family home in Queens NY. We honored Mike for his service to the Region and shared stories about Mike from various members. Mike told the story about how he was introduced to the FLK club by Luis Martinez and then inspired to take over the Membership Chair from Luis. Mike and Michele and their 2005 Yellow 911 Carrera will be missed at our local events. We all wish them the best with this life changing event. See more pictures of the event in the Photo Archives

3rd Annual Zone 1&2 Boardwalk Reunion Oct. 15, 2022

Paul Corter and his wife Christine attended this event for the first time. We traveled to Ocean City, New Jersey on Friday October 14th and arrived around 2:45 pm. We were scheduled to have dinner at 6:00 pm with friends we met at the 2020 PCA Treffen in West Virginia. To kill time we walked to the boardwalk and spend time checking things out and enjoying the ocean views watching the slew of surfers catching the waves. Our friends, from the First Settlers Region, arrived and we met them in the hotel lobby. We also met two other couples from the same region. We all had a nice dinner and socialized afterward before retiring. The next day all attendees gathered at the OCNJ Municipal Airport to register, receive our goodie bags, and get staged for the drive to the Boardwalk. Police escorted the 356 Porsches from the airport to the boardwalk where we drove onto the boardwalk and proceeded to form two rows of Porsches that stretched from 14th street to 6th street. Once arrangements were completed, we left our cars and enjoyed the day having lunch, shopping, and checking out all the cars until it was time to leave. We all returned to our cars a 4:00pm and were escorted off the boardwalk and we returned to our hotels to get ready for the evening activities of Drinks, Dinner, and Dancing at the Flanders Hotel. The day was perfect and the evening was very enjoyable. The 3rd Annual Porsche Boardwalk Reunion was a great success. Looking forward to next years event. Check out the other photos on our Photo Archive page.

Paul Corter with his car
View of cars on the boardwalk

October 8th, 2022 Leaf Peeping Luncheon at ECC

This event was held at the Elmira Country Club which is the same venue as last years luncheon. ECC did a fantastic job preparing the private room for our 22 attendees. This was our last scheduled Regional event of the year. This years attendance equaled last years event. It was great to see attendees from across the whole region. The Fall leaves were turning which made it a picturesque drive for our attendees. For a change, Paul Corter, FLK Region President, developed a 20 question Porsche Trivia Quiz that was enjoyed by the attendees while we waited for our food. After adding up the number of correct answers, we had a tie between Neil Freson and Charles McLaud. After the conclusion of the tie breaker, Neil Freson was the winner of our Trivia Quiz. Neil won a nice coffee mug from the PCA National store. We had good food and good fellowship that afternoon. Check out the other photos on our Photo Archive Page.

Neil Freson with his prize
Paul Corter administering the quiz

Hazlitt Winery, Engine 14 Brewery and Roots Cafe Event

We had a great attendance at this event on Saturday, August 27, 2022. Twenty Members/co-members attended. We all gathered at the Hazlitt Winery in Naples, NY at 3:00 to have a winery tour that was scheduled early in the year. Once we arrived we found out the winery stopped doing tours a few months ago. So we all grabbed some wine and had great fellowship. We had two and a half hours to kill before our dinner reservation at 5:30 at the Roots Cafe.
After some time spent at the winery we walked over to the Engine 14 Brewery, which is located in an adjacent building on the winery grounds. Enjoyed further fellowship there until it was time to leave for dinner. The tour wasn’t missed at all and allowed more time for us to socialize.
Had a great dinner at the Roots Cafe, which is located across the street from the Hazlitt Winery. Food was good but because of the large dinner crowd it took awhile to receive our food which resulted in a later start returning home. But we still had a great time enjoying the company and the nice evening eating our dinners on the Cafe’s front porch. Check out all the photos in the archive.

Roots Cafe
Dom & Rita Pullano
Group enjoying fellowship


August 2022 Fund Raising Event

The first FLK membership sponsored Fund Raising Event was very successful. The event was held at the Corning Country Club on Saturday, August 20, 2022. The fund raising event was created to support the great efforts the Food Bank of the Southern Tier does to supply needed meals to residents in the surrounding communities, within our region, that really need their help. The FLK event collected $1,050.00 which will be presented to the Food Bank next week.

I want to thank Tom and Betsy Stegbauer for selecting another fabulous venue. CCC welcomed us and gave us great service. They even allowed us to park our cars under the drive-thru square in front of the main entrance. We all had a great lunch, great fellowship, and welcomed Joe Tierno to his first club event. 

I want to also thank Gini Albertalli, our Charity Chair, who worked with the  Food Bank and prepared donation logs, event flyers, and handouts for the event. Unfortunately, Gini and Curt couldn’t make the event. She will organize the date we drop off our donation to the Food Bank.

Incoming Officers for 2022-2023

Incoming officers Neil Freson (Secretary), Craig Urciuoli (Vice-Pres), Paul Corter (President), Laura Butler (Treasurer)

The succession of officers for our region took place with a dinner at Laurier Catering in Mendon, NY. The board of directors approved appropriating $400 to subsidize the room charge, tax, and gratuity for the ten attendees that included spouses. Each member and their guest paid for their own dinner. This dinner came after the final board meeting of the current officers held via zoom on Thursday 12/2. The minutes are posted in the archive section of our website.

FLK Board Incoming and Outgoing

Congratulations to Paul Corter as new incoming President beginning in 2022. Paul is no stranger to leadership and activity with PCA as he has spearheaded our growth in the Southern Tier, attended two Parades and Treffen events. He has also been viewing the on line webinars of PCA to familiarize himself with methods an procedures. Craig Urciuoli is our new incoming Vice-President who will be active in communicating with the region as he has already had published several articles on his PCA activities. He and his 3 PCA member family have attended many Cars and Coffee, as well as numerous driver ed track events. 

We have a familiar member to all as incoming Secretary being Neil Freson. Many know him as one who has initiated our anniversary celebration at the Glen, as well as numerous spontaneous thumb drives. His familiarity with procedures will ensure a smooth transition. And Laura Butler elected as Treasurer completes our board as a representative that has always offered assistance and oversight with her attendance to membership and board meetings. She has also offered charitable contribution recommendations that is an important part of our treasury.


The proposals we have for our charitable contributions are the Finger Lakes Food Bank, and the Glenn Curtiss Museum. Both rely on community support and essential to our region. We typically donate about 10% of our treasury to causes. Remember this is your membership dues coming back to us to support our club and region. This year we had a complimentary dinner, subsidized a portion of our Glen Club event, and entrance to the Glenn Curtis Museum. Please submit ideas to how we can continue to support membership growth and region assistance.

FLK Members at the Glenn Curtiss Museum

One of our popular events is our “Drive, Learn, and Dine” event. Once again this year we visited the Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, NY. Arrival for the tour was at 3:30 and completed by 5:00. From there we drove to the Lakeside Restaurant and Tavern overlooking Keuka Lake. Our dinner reservations were for 5:30 pm. The links below will give you an idea of the historic items at the museum. The Glenn Curtiss Museum houses numerous examples of motion of international significance. The pleasant drive along Keuka Lake to Lakeside offers a chance to appreciate the view, socialize, and enjoy excellent dining.

Scenes from a successful SHOW, TASTE, AND TOUR 2021 held at the beautiful Glenora Winery.

Cars lined up beginning at 11:00 am. We presented 22 cars from our region representing front engine, mid-engine, and rear engine. There were coupes and convertibles, air cooled and water cooled. There were even several his and her Porsche’s!

Photo by Neil Freson

Between 12:00 and 1:00 tastings were available at the Glenora tasting room. We were able to sit as a group for lunch beginning around 1:00 pm. There was a review of the PCA Porsche Parade by several of the members who were able to attend at French Lick, Indiana. And a reminder this will be held in the Northeast at the Pocono’s in June of 2022.

Photo by Dom Pullano

Be sure to check out the Archives page for additional pics during the year!

  Twisted Rail Brewing Company

l. to r.: Bill Badger, Curt Albertalli, Tom Stegbauer, Betsy Stegbauer, Neil Freson, Kathie Freson, Tom Lipovsky, Judy Lipovsky, Bev Badger, Gini Albertalli. Arrived after photo was taken: Jeremy Marshall Twisted Rail Brewing Co. 5226 East Lake Road, Honeoye, NY 14471

June 16th was our first Dinner in Geneva at Kindred Fare. We sat at 6:30 for dinner as this was our third year here and has been a region favorite. And now we have held our first Thumbdrive Luncheon of 2021!

Photo of Kindred Fare in Geneva NY


We had perfect weather and a great turnout for our celebration during the Clash at the Glen. This was our largest event attendance with over 50 members and guests. Our region does focus on social events as we incorporate our Porsche’s and drives throughout our historic and scenic landscape.

Pictures from the Clash at the Glen 2021

This has been a busy month as we get our cars back on the road. We had 10 cars for our region exclusive Track Day. Our Cars and Coffee had three new attendees and has been a great source of new membership. Always feel free to bring along another Porsche owner that may not yet has enjoyed PCA membership. And 13 attendees joined in on our short notice dinner at Castaways On the Lake in Webster, NY.

Bar & Grill & Waterfront Restaurant Webster, NY | Castaways on the Lake

Next Coffee and Cars Saturday June 12th from 9:00 am to 10:30 am at Leo’s Bakery. Great for new members! Below is from May 8th.

From Cars and Coffee 2nd Saturday of the month

Membership Meeting Complimentary Lunch draws 27 attendees to start PCA Finger Lakes Region 25th anniversary year. Below are pictures from Beef and Brew located in downtown Geneva, NY.

Scheduled for April 25th for a Drive the Glen time at 12pm. Once you arrive at the gate around 11:30 you will be met by a pace car who will lead you to stage before your laps. We are asking that you encourage everyone to purchase their tickets ahead of time which has been linked below! Your discount code for your DTG tickets is WGIDTG25.  

Pictures from Track Day at the Glen

Below is the link to our winter newsletter. In this issue we have information on our 25th anniversary year, our donation to Habitat, pictures from several 2020 events, and racing articles by our editor Luis Martinez.

We have entered our 25th year as a region of PCA since we began in the late Spring of 1996. To commemorate this PCA National sent our citation, and a commemorative letter. The citation is below. And we understand PCA Zone One has reserved WGI Track for the weekend of June 4-6. This is the traditional Clash weekend and our anniversary celebration at the Glen Club. Keep that date open!

Porsche is always on our minds regardless of the season as we now have five six new members that have joined us in the winter months. To our fifth, we welcome Melissa Landry and her 2019 911 Carrera GTS in Lava Orange. And we have our sixth as of March 21st Paul North driving a 2021 911 Carrera 4S GT Silver Metallic.

The current slate of elected officers are also entering the final year of their final term. We had a video call board meeting on February 2nd. The minutes will be posted on the website as well. The important part of our discussion was updating our by-laws, and succession. Secretary John Malvaso, and Vice-president Neil Freson reviewed these and have updated several sections. Once the revisions are ready, we will send this out to membership. You will then have a minimum of 20 days to review prior to a vote. 

We also had a brief review of the duties requested of the elected board members. We felt this was necessary in order for future candidates to consider these positions. We’ll be publishing more details on these with information here as a start. President leads the region through action or delegation. The President also represents the region as a board member of PCA. The vice-President stands ready to act on behalf of the President, helps to coordinate events, and lead ad hoc activities. The Secretary keeps club records, updates information with national, and refers to the by-laws. The treasurer keeps the financial records, reconciles the credits from PCA, monitors expenses, and charitable contributions. There are appointed or volunteer positions such as social chair, safety, newsletter editor and membership. These are fairly self-explanatory. All positions are open to volunteers in either leadership or assistance. If you have any interest please respond to admin@flk.pca.org

ZONE ONE of PCA which is where the Finger Lakes Region resides had it’s semi annual meeting on a virtual format Saturday November 21st. This was the final meeting presided by Mike Bryan the outgoing President of Zone One. Many of you have gotten to know Mike as he attended several of our region events. In fact his first region visit in Zone One was at our planning meeting back in January 2016. He’s been a tireless worker and a true advocate for PCA and our region. I also welcome Rico Diaz as the new ZONE ONE President. Rico is well known by many, for his consistent high level of work with Driver’s Ed. He knows the regions, the people, and how to get events done. We look forward to working with Rico and all officers of ZONE ONE.

We do have a few dates that we can plug in for 2021. Watkins Glen will hold their Opening Day on Saturday April 10th at noon. Our region has been able to schedule our own track day and that will still be the case. Please follow this space for additional dates at the Glen that will be held by our region and ZONE ONE.

October 10th Saturday 1:00 pm Lunch Gather At Tags in BIG Flats, NY.

We completed three out of five major events with our Meet Up at Tags in Big Flats held this October 10th. The facility was very accommodating with our own parking lot and a separate well, ventilated dining area. This was our second visit to Tags and my first. The drive through the Southern Tier was very scenic with the leaves showing their colors. Once at Tags it was fun to see the display of guitars from Trace Atkins, Ted Nugent, and many more. Below are guitars from Foreigner and The Charlie Daniels Band

 We have also finalized our charitable contribution which the board agreed to assist Habitat for Humanity in providing smoke and CO2 detectors. Assistance is going to Habitat of Seneca County for $300.11, and Yates/Schuyler Habitats for $338.29. Thanks to Laura Butler for proposing this as it benefits those who need in our region. Always consider making recommendations for a contribution we can make to better our community. Also I do want to remind members that the funds we have are your dollars coming back to us from PCA National. This money can also be used to benefit our members and grow membership.


August 29th we had a modified Tour, Learn, and Dine at the Curtiss H. Glenn Museum in Hammondsport. It truly is a significant treasure of American history in mechanical motion. There are historic examples of the first motorized bikes, motorcycles, automobiles, and airplanes right here in our region. We were only able to do self-guided tours which allowed us to view and enjoy at our own pace. This will be worth a second look and we hope to repeat this again in 2021 under better conditions.https://glennhcurtissmuseum.org/

The conclusion of the tour took us on a short but scenic drive to the Lakeside Restaurant that provided outdoor seating and a beautiful view of Keuka Lake. The weather was spotty earlier in the day and did provide a clear evening for an enjoyable dinner and a spirited ride home for all. We had a good group from all areas of our region including Pennsylvania, Horseheads, and Rochester. We were able to go maskless and pose for a few pictures courtesy of Rita Pullano.

Porsche’s and FLK members at Glenora for Show, Taste, and Tour 2020

We had a successful outing with Glenora Wine Cellars for our third annual Finger Lakes Region PCA car display at a regional winery. We are taking suggestions for a mid week dinner meet. Several suggestions are Glen Iris Inn, NY Kitchen, and the new Inn on the Lake restaurant. We do ask that it can accommodate outdoor seating, and follow NY and CDC safety guidelines for up to 16 attendees. Please respond to events@flk.pca.org.

We are pleased to announce our Spring 2020 Newsletter. This was sent in our June 20th email, posted in our newsletter section and has a link below. We encourage members to share this with others and consider contributing. We have contributing articles on the 2019 Treffen Vermont trip, 914’s on the road, and member updates.


Masks were off while drinking coffee! No name tags needed either.

We wrap up our major events in October with our second hosting in the Southern Tier. We did a visit to Tags in Big Flats last year and would forward to doing that a second time. We’ve had good success visiting our venues twice so this seems likely. 

www.pca.org  / This is the site for Porsche Club of America. Here you will find guidance, and information on national PCA events. There are also some entertaining features reviewing Tech Tactic sessions, repair videos, and YouTube features.
www.theglen.com  / Since we have numerous events involving Watkins Glen International it’s a good idea to check their events calendar. They also are reviewing their policy and publishing this information for visitors and drivers to stay informed. Remember The Glen is home not only to national, and world famous driving events but also to regional driver ed, and club racing series.
flk.pca.org /  We don’t have much on our calendar for now so we won’t hesitate to make announcements and add entries as they become available. Also check the thumbdrive tab for announcements and information from Zone One, Niagara, and SCCA.

Our membership gathering/ meeting at BEEF and BREW was a great success as 28 members attended! Also please go to our Archive tab and to Gallery to view pictures taken by Tim and Jordan Wise at the Amelia Island Concours 2020.

We have our latest FRONTRUNNER newsletter in the archives section. Please enjoy the cover article on the PCA Parade. We also have articles on racing at IMSA, driving in Sicily, as well as updates on our elections, membership, and contacts. Our calendar and events list dynamic and will be updated periodically here on the website.
Please consider printing the newsletter and distribute it to car establishments, gathering places, or handing out to other car enthusiasts. Also consider writing about a special Porsche experience that you may have had or a unique driving event to share. We will also be needing another publisher as our assistant in this Karen Schwartzman is retiring. We truly thank her for assisting and guiding us in this necessary part of our club. We were one of the first regions to go fully digital in our newsletter and Karen was a big part of this for us.

PAUL CORTER attending PCA Parade as shown as our FRONTRUNNER COVER PHOTO https://emailer3.pca.org/UploadFiles/FrontrunnerFALL20191.pdf

Thank you for visiting the Finger Lakes Region website. Please visit the Calendar tab above to see what is happening next. And under Membership you’ll see a list of our newest members. Visit our HOME page to learn about what we do as a club. We are always looking for volunteers and look forward to you being with us!               

Jim and Laura Butler, charter members representing outstanding and dedicated service to the Finger Lakes Region of PCA
Historic Triumph on display at the IMRRC in Watkins Glen, NY.

We had an enjoyable evening beginning with a reception at the IMRRC in Watkins Glen. About twenty members attended learning the history of motor racing and the artifacts housed in our own region. We presented to Jim and Laura Butler recognition for their service to the Finger Lakes Region of PCA. They have always been willing to assist in a leadership position attending events, planning meetings, and coordinating what needs to be done. They have been consistent members participating through our regions inception and appreciate all they have done.

From there a number of members drove their Porsche’s on the historic “old course” and ended at the charming Seneca Lodge. A few more members met us for dinner as we filled the room to capacity. Paul and Christine Corter told us about their experience attending their first PCA Porsche Parade. It was a great presentation that gave us an informative review of how to get there, what to do, and the fun you can have. Dinner was great as we had time to socialize and talk people, Porsche’s, racing, and dining. We have a few pictures included.


Scenes from the Seneca Lodge party room with historic posters of the races at The Glen, and our reception at the IMRRC.

There are several monthly events going on as well that members may want to attend. Our regular 2nd Saturday of the month being October 12th “Coffee and Cars” at Leo’s Bakery in East Rochester. This is a great time to meet new members, talk cars, and have a great coffee and pastry. 

New member Nick Evertson’s 1963 Black 356B. We also welcome Justin Boyette and his blue 2002 Carrera Cabriolet.

Fox Run Vineyards hosted our relaxed concours event on Sunday July 28th Show, Taste, and Tour.  This year we had over 28 members showing 18 cars. We had members from Pennsylvania, visitors from Connecticut, Turbos, Targas, Cabs, 4 doors, and no rain. Please provide your feedback since we are always looking to hold events to bring in surrounding membership. We’ve had 2 good years at Fox Run and may want to patronize other wineries in our region. We have pictures below but also go to our Events page for more content.

Name tags are in for our most recent members. You can pick them up at most events when you attend. These are normally brought by one of the officers so if you know you will be attending one of our events we’ll be sure to have your tag available. Please go to the Membership page for a list of tags that have just come in. This is an expense to our club in return for your attendance and enjoyment. I’ll soon include a list of established members that have not yet picked up their name tags.

We had a beautiful summer evening for our “Dinner in Letchworth State Park” at the Glen Iris Inn. Fourteen members attended taking advantage of the scenic drive, pleasant company, and stunning views. We had a special treat as we lined up for a group pictureas seen below. Several of the brilliantly colored hot air balloons came over the gorge and hovered over the falls. You’ll see Steve at the left more interested in the scenery than the group photo. Next up we’ll have “Dinner in Naples” at Bob and Ruth’s. This had been mentioned by several members and was an original favorite of FLK members back in the early years. Since this is a week destination we’ll look to start at 6:00 pm. More details will follow, and always check our calendar.

On June 12th we had eight members take advantage of our first “Thumb Drive”. This is a spontaneous, or (semi) get together that any member can initiate. Just shoot an email to events@flk.pca.org and we’ll add it to the Thumb Drive tab on our website flk.pca.org. It will show under the current event tab. Below is Laura, Neil, Kathie, Bea, Doug, Gini, Curt, and Jim. This is from their gathering at the Twisted Rail Brewing Co. in Canandaigua, NY. We always have our Coffee and Cars the second Saturday of the month at Leo’s Bakery in East Rochester between 8:30 and 10:30 am. That weekend I may become a first time grandfather so I may be drinking more than coffee that day.

We had a great turnout for our annual celebration in the Glen Club for the national PCA Porsche Clash. And yes weather allowing for a competitive track full of Cayman’s, 911’s, some 968’s and a host of beefed up front and rear engine Porsche’s. Our attendance had members from Pennsylvania, the Southern Tier, and Monroe County. Many brought family members as well as this is a great event to enjoy the drive and meet fellow members.                                                                       Below are some of our cars in attendance as we were able to take advantage of the The Glen Club parking. We were alos joined for lunch by Mike and Pam Bryan our Zone One reps and heard a brief history of the Clash event by Luis Martinez.

Thank you to some new attendees to our Glen Club meet up being Doug Archer, Jennifer Heine, Gary Wilcox, and their family members.

Yes we did complete our Track Day at the Glen. It was a wild ride as you can see below. We had nine cars drive as a group from our starting point in Canandaigua and another six met up with us at the Glen. After the drive a number of members converged together for lunch and enjoyed the day. All said and done with the crazy weather we had just one less car than in 2018. Thanks again to Luis Martinez for setting up the track date and Mike Sullivan for leading the drive.


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