Meeting was held at 6:30 pm Pittsford Pub on 1/16/2019
Present: Dom Pullano, Neil Freson, John Malvaso, Art Salo, Mike Hortiatis, and Luis Martinez.
Associate Members: Rita Pullano, Kathy Freson, Maureen Malvaso, Michelle Hortiatis.
Dom started the meeting with an update on the Finger Lakes Region website. Kopp & Brown had requested to resign from the maintaining of our site. We had already been making moves to have the site hosted by PCA. Dom has the site in place under our current domain name flk.pca.org. This is done at no expense to the club. We did discuss hiring a webmaster and this is still a consideration if a member does not volunteer assistance going forward.
The discussion moved to updating our calendar and adding dates that would appeal to members on a consistent basis. John advised of a weekly car night in Canandaigua and Art spoke of a regular car night in Bushnell Basin. The planning meeting was approved for our 2/2/19 date with catering free to members.
Dates were suggested for our annual track day at the Glen. Luis and Neil were going to check on the Glen calendar for our date in April. The use of the Glen Club will again be sought for our June 1 date. Neil will confirm this and has advised that a rate increase to $55.00 per person will be in place. This was to be updated on the flyer and posted. The additional events that were successful were the car show at Fox Run Vineyards, and the August tour and dinner at the IMMRC. We would like to continue these events at the current venues. Art offered a few additional suggestions, and Dom thought we may want to establish a presence if we had success before moving.
We had a review of our charitable contributions and did follow through on our contribution to the Hector Fire Dept. that Jim Butler had researched. We will have a full accounting at the February membership meeting.
Luis spoke on working on the winter newsletter and attendees would be providing articles and photos to get the newsletter out. A shorter version was recommended between 12 and 16 pages. Pictures need to be done in jpeg not pdf. Some of these can also be posted on our website.
Our final discussion was to recommend members who have shown interest in further engagement. We need to look ahead for new officers and chairs. Immediate position are for tour, social, media.
Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm ….Submitted Dom Pullano/ expense $278.20