The first Thumbdrive of the season is announced for Wednesday evening June 17th at The Twisted Rail Brewery in Canandaigua, NY. There are no reservations accepted so members can arrive as they like. We are suggesting an arrival time of 6:00 pm. There is quite a bit of outdoor seating and it may be a good practice that we give each other space. Weather is expected clear and warm. So this is a just show up event. The link below has the restaurant information.

The “Thumbdrive” is here for Finger Lakes Regio members to quickly view what other ways you can enjoy your family, friends, and Porsche with other car enthusiasts. Below are links to the ZONE ONE Group which oversees our region. They offer events that invite our member regions in basically the Northeast and Canada. High level concours, autocross, and club racing are coordinated by Zone One.   


The Niagara region is our neighboring PCA group. They have one of the best driver education programs in PCA. Which makes them one of the best in the country. We always welcome each others members to join in with our unique events.

Many of our members enjoy autocross and belong to other clubs. One in particular is the Sports Car Club of America. They too have Finger Lakes Region (FLR). If you see a Porsche owner there who is NOT a member of PCA then ask them to consider joining us as well. We’re always looking to increase membership. h