Fueled by Volunteers

We want to encourage all club members to consider getting more involved, either as a club officer, Chair position, committee member, or in one of the other volunteer positions. The club continues to grow with the help of active membership.

Volunteer Openings:

Drive Tour Chair: No current Chairman. Opportunity to build a strong committee to manage this position.

Social Chair: Help the region develop our events calendar.

Website Manager: Needs to know WordPress

Committee Members: Volunteer in any of the following categories of interest.

  • Drivers Education
  • Charity
  • Meetings
  • Membership
  • Writing
  • Technical events
  • Social Events
  • Speakers
  • Tours
  • Photography
  • Sponsorship
  • Web Assistance

If you are interested in one of these positions or just want to help during one of our events please contact John Kaemmerlen at: jtk3@rochester.rr.com

Job Descriptions for these positions are available for your review to help you understand the requirements of the job. Contact Paul Corter at Pacorter@gmail.com